Our plastic work

We manufacture new fibreglass parts and carry out repairs and renovations

Regardless of whether you need to repair, treat, upgrade or rebuild your boat’s plastic components, our plastic work has a finish that is as good as new. We can handle all parts of the boat from plastic work and varnishing the hull, rudder and sills to jetties and flybridges.

We perform all types of plastic work such as:

  • New production
  • Repairs
  • Gelcoat damage
  • Hull treatments
  • Varnishing

Rolf Carlgren

T. +46 (0) 304-39290
E. rolf@vindomarin.se

At Vindö Marin boatyard we have been

building, storing and improving boats

for more than 40 years.

When you leave your boat at our boatyard for winter storage, you also get access to our full service program at the same time. Here you can choose precisely the services you want for your boat. Regardless whether it involves simple storage or more extensive maintenance or repairs, you can be sure that you will get a flying start on the next boating season.

Welcome to a premier boatyard with a high level of capacity, excellent technical resources and personnel with a genuine knowledge of boats.


Rolf Carlgren

T. +46 (0) 304-39290
E. rolf@vindomarin.se

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