Our woodworking

In our woodworking shop, complete with a full set of equipment and a varnishing workshop,
we perform all the carpentry on your boat

Carpentry work such as repairs and maintenance of wood components and teak decks is a large part of our business. Our genuine, skilled craftsmanship and our technical resources ensure that we can restore the wood on your boat to new condition. Naturally, with a top quality varnish finish in our own workshop.

In the workshop, we can produce custom parts according to your requests and lay new teak decking. We work closely with our suppliers of high-grade wood to ensure that the look and colours match the entire installation.

We perform all types of decorative work, and for those of you that own a classic Vindö, we have many of the original templates.


Thomas Olsson

T. +46 (0) 304-39290
E. thomas@vindomarin.se

At Vindö Marin boatyard we have been

building, storing and improving boats

for more than 40 years.

When you leave your boat at our boatyard for winter storage, you also get access to our full service program at the same time. Here you can choose precisely the services you want for your boat. Regardless whether it involves simple storage or more extensive maintenance or repairs, you can be sure that you will get a flying start on the next boating season.

Welcome to a premier boatyard with a high level of capacity, excellent technical resources and personnel with a genuine knowledge of boats.


Thomas Olsson

T. +46 (0) 304-39290
E. thomas@vindomarin.se

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