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A premium boatyard

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The boatyard for winter storage and full service

Welcome to a boatyard with a long-standing history and personnel with a genuine interest in boats and quality above all.

At Vindö Marin boatyard, we have been building, storing and improving boats for more than 40 years. When you leave your boat at our boatyard for winter storage, you also get access to our full service program at the same time. Here you can choose precisely the services you want for your boat. Regardless whether it involves simple storage or more extensive maintenance or repairs, you can be sure that you will get a flying start on the next boating season. At Vindö Marin, we have a high level of capacity for boat storage, production of wood and plastic parts, reconditioning, varnishing, rigging, as well as mechanical and electrical work. Our protective harbour at north Orust provides a safe mooring for boats while waiting to be lifted out of the water using a 40 ton boat crane. Close to the motorway E6, it is easy to get to and from Vindö Marin once you have left your boat or want to visit it.

Modern winter storage

When you store your boat with us over the winter, the next boat season starts. Choose between our full service packages and quickly get back out on the water again when the spring sunshine arrives.

At Vindö Marin, we have created service packages for boat owners who decide to store their boats with us over the winter and want to ensure that their boat is ready early in spring season without needing to worry about or spend time with the boat during the winter. Call us to learn more about worry-free winter storage with full service.

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A premier boatyard

Vindö Marin is a boatyard with a high level of capacity, excellent technical resources and personnel with a genuine knowledge of boats.

This protected and easily accessible facility consists of: 1200 m² boat hall with heated storage and humidity control, 2500 m² boat hall for cold storage, 40 ton boat crane, 27 metre high mast crane, unique mast storage system in a heated hall, and fully equipped workshops for woodworking, reconditioning, rigging, mechanical and electronic work as well as varnishing

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The boatyard

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Vindö Marin boatyard history

A shipyard with a history dating back to the Vindö cruiser boats

Vindö Marin adopted the tradition from Nötesund’s Shipyard, which started building boats on Vindön in 1926.

Production of classic Vindö boats continued for the next 60 years, and by the 1970s, the maintenance and repair division was set up, which formed the basis for today’s Vindö Marin.

Today, Vindö Marin is a modern full-service shipyard offering winter storage with a high capacity for storing large boats. When you visit Vindö Marin, you will quickly notice that this is no ordinary shipyard, and that there is a lot of genuine craftsmanship and passion for boats to be found between the walls of the facility.

Here the beautiful Vindö cruisers are still kept alive, and there are always a few boats lined up inside awaiting a well-earned refurbishment. For more information, visit