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Modern winter storage

When you store your boat with us over the winter, the next boat season starts. We create personalised solutions for all boats so you can quickly get back out on the water again when the spring sunshine arrives.

Personal service solutions for boat owners

At Vindö Marin, we create custom service solutions for boat owners who decide to store their boats with us over the winter and want to ensure that their boat is ready early in spring season without needing to worry about or spend time with the boat during the winter.

Call us to learn more about worry-free winter storage with full service.

Vindö Marin also has approval for “aktiv förädling”, or inward processing, for boat owners from outside of the EU, read more about it below.

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Efficient handling with short time outside

When we lift your boat out of the harbour, we have an efficient process for conservation so that the boat is quickly moved to a safe location inside the boat hall.

All of the phases that occur outside, such as engine servicing, dismasting, removal of sails, washing the hull and bottom of the boat, follow a procedure that ensures that the time your boat spends outside is minimised.

Heated storage

Safe and secure storage in a heated hall

In our 12000 m² of heated hall space, we store boats in a controlled climate in terms of temperature and humidity. Here you can store your boat over the winter and be sure to avoid frost damage or the growth of mildew.

The perimeter of the boat halls is protected with fire and theft alarm systems connected to security companies. The buildings have a modern construction and are designed to withstand major snow loads and strong winds.

Access to the hall is restricted and follows an access control procedure in order to minimise the risk of unauthorized persons accessing the premises.

All of the boats that are stored with us over the winter are loaded into individual storage spaces that are customised for the respective boat.

Cold storage


2500 m² boat hall for cold storage

Mast storage

Unique, flexible and secure system for storing long masts

In our ultramodern mast storage, your mast is stored in a secure and warm area.

All lifting phases that are performed with a crane when installing and removing the mast and with a overhead travelling crane in the mast hall are carefully performed to be gentle on all types of wood, aluminium and carbon fibre masts.

Since all masts are easily accessible in our storage system with rollers and an overhead crane, we can perform the rigging at any time on individual masts during the wintertime.

Service program

We customise your full service program for just your boat

Vindö Marin is a full service shipyard with the technical capacity and expertise under the same roof.

When we customise the service program for your boat, we also consider when the work needs to take place so that it follows the winter storage process. Everything to ensure your boat is handled as efficiently as possible.

Here are a few examples of the common modules that are included in a service program.

  • Motorer
  • Engines
  • Diesel generators
  • Water system
  • Desalination system, watermakers
  • Air conditioning
  • LPG
  • Boat battery
  • Boat electricity, electricity and electronics
  • Shore power
  • Anchor gear
  • Bow thruster

Obviously, we also work on the exterior finish of your boat, see more on the Reconditioning page.

Boat handling

Professional boat handling

All handling of boats in the port and on land is done according to a routine that is designed in consultation with the insurance companies.

Crane lifting of boat and mast is performed by trained personnel with the help of adapted equipment. All lifting equipment undergoes a continuous program of service and maintenance.

Transport of boats in the harbor is carried out by personnel with great seafaring and grade 8 competence, which means that we can also offer transport sailings if desired.

Transport by truck and trolley is carried out by certified personnel with truck licences. The handling of boats happens with individual cradles adapted for each boat.

Inward processing

Permits for inward processing

Now we can take boats from third countries (registered outside the EU) with ”Aktiv förädling” / ”Inward processing”

Contact us for more information.

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Plastic work

Engineering work

Rigging work


Insurance claims

Safety analysis