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Our reconditioning program for both gelcoat as well as wood restores your boat to an almost new condition

A boat in good condition increases its resale value and gives you the joy of having a boat with that new boat feel. Reconditioning your boat is one option for boat owners to start planning recurring maintenance.

The reconditioning program is tailored to the current condition of your boat and what you want to achieve in terms of improvements over time. We perform an inspection and analysis that leads to suggestions for improvement. We can help you with advice, tips and ideas that make it easier for you to decide which actions should be prioritised.

Common reconditioning tasks include:

  • Polishing
  • Waxing
  • Hull treatment

Obviously, we can schedule the work during the period when you store your boat with us over the winter.

The boatyard

Winter storage


Plastic work

Engineering work

Rigging work

Insurance claims

Safety analysis