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Insurance claims

Vindö Marin has a well-established partnership with insurance companies, and we perform complex repairs for all types of damage

Our high level of capacity and technical expertise regarding repairs to boats from insurance claims means that many insurance companies recommend Vindö Marin.

In the case of extensive damage, our wide-ranging expertise allows us to offer general assessments of a boat’s overall condition. We also have the processes in place to minimise lead times for assessments and logistics in connection with damage. This allows us to reply to boat owners faster and perform the repair work or process the compensation claim without unnecessary delay.

Regardless whether you suffer damage to the engine, rigging or hull, fire or water damage, and whether the damage occurred during normal use or during storage, we can help make things right.

We process insurance claims throughout the year and even clean up the damage site, e.g. with capsizing or storm damage.

Emergency call

In case of acute insurance damage, call +46 (0) 704 – 239294.

The boatyard

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Plastic work

Engineering work

Rigging work


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